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#1 Classic Long Curly Wig

Made of premium synthetic fibers, naturally curly and soft, creating a fluffy, beautiful hairstyle.

#2 Fashionable Air Bangs Short Wig

Lightweight and breathable material, easily creating a stylish and personalized bangs look.

#3 Elegant Medium-Length Wig

Smooth and soft texture, natural draping style, showcasing a graceful charm.

#4 Alluring Long Straight Hair Wig

Crafted with high-quality synthetic hair, glossy and radiant, exuding an irresistible appeal.

#5 Versatile Short Bobo Wig

Meticulously designed, with a changeable style, easily creating a lively and fashionable look.

#6 Captivating Curly Hair Wig

Made with premium synthetic fibers, naturally soft and voluminous, creating an alluring curly hairstyle. Whether it’s romantic big waves or elegant small curls, you can easily achieve a mesmerizing look.

Featured Products

Our wig products are made with premium synthetic materials, offering a natural and soft texture, as well as a stunning and realistic appearance. Whether it’s a fashionable short hairstyle, an elegant medium-length, or an alluring long hair, you can easily create your desired look and showcase your unique charm.

Bliss-Phtore Changes collection​

A short stylish pixie with longer lengths at the top to allow for versatile styling

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